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There's blood on my hands like the blood in you.

Some things can't be treated!

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Name:мι¢нαєℓ мσявιυѕ

мι¢нαєℓ мσявιυѕ
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Michael Morbius at a time knew what a semi-normal life was. He was young, happy and with a woman too good for him. He had brilliant career as a biochemist specializing in blood, this had already gotten him a noble prize. The future was bright outside of one LITTLE detail. Michael was dying. He didn't tell his lovely Martine that he was ill, only his best friend Emil knew. Emil, Martine and Michael set out on a yacht to International Waters and when Martine was asleep Emil and Michael decided to test a cure for Michael they had been working on... but things went terribly wrong.

Michael was no longer a man but a LIVING vampire. His heart still beats, he still needs food. Garlic doesn't bother him and light just aggravates him. He doesn't burn or boil.* Crosses don't phase him. Though there is the issue of the blood lust, and that makes him a monster. He killed Emil and accidently finished Martine off months later too due to the blood lust.

He wants to be a good man, he does. But how can one with such a beast inside?

This is a roleplaying journal.I do not own Michael Morbius or Rudolf Martin, Marvel owns Michael Morbius the Living Vampire and Rudolf Martin owns himself, Buffy Verse Dracula is owned by Whedon. Thank you.I am simply uses Mr. Martin as a face for the Living Vampire. Thank you.

*New line Sun doesn't bother him and Michael doesn't sleep at all. I'm keeping these.
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